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Fly Reel best for the money

Fly reels can be expensive. You need to spend so much to get high quality coil? A fly reel is the most important item is the third in a standard configuration with a fly rod fly and fly line to become the number one and two. Let's look at the aspects that you do not want to leave when they are trying to save money on your fly fishing reel, as well as those that you can do without, so you can have the best fly rod for the money.

Before you buy a fly fishing reel, it is important to know some things, so you can rest assured that you are buying a fly reel that will match a fly rod you buy the fish you are after, and techniques you should use. Fly reels must meet these aspects even before it can be regarded as the best fly rod for the money.

Coil size is required

Coil size is determined by the weight fly line (heavy), you will use. For example, trout dry flies, usually to do with 4wt rod, or 5 watts. Because of this, you will need to use a 5 watt or 4wt reel. If you are a 4wt fly fishing reels are used only because they are inexpensive, with 8wt line, he learned very quickly that not enough space on the roll of 4wt to 8wt line. No brakes strong enough to effectively control the fish, like salmon 8wt made for or salmon.

To fly is designed to feel like
tfo fly rods and reels should have a good balance. Having a balanced setup will fly rod loads better as a result of a much more subtle and actor. Installing a fly reel is too small or large for the rod just feels weird, but it seems odd.

The size of the fish

Important to buy a reel that will be able to handle the fish you are after. With large fish, the coil becomes increasingly necessary, the smaller fish. For example, 16-inch trout will wear a good fight for the installation of 4wt fly, but most fishermen will be able to land the fish quickly to draw the line, rather than relying on the reel at all. If a fly fisherman should use a 10wt fly rod and reel for connection to King Salmon, then the coil will get plenty of use as just draw the line will not cut it. With large fish, which tend to go a long way in quality, smooth drag system is important. For this reason, we can obtain all the necessary powers to complete 4 or 6wt rod cheap, but as you go in the weight, price, and must follow, as the coil depends on much more.


There are some fly fishing techniques that will help determine the best fly reels for the money. Of course there is the default setting, which is pretty straight forward, just buy the coil, which corresponds to the line and rod weight and your settings should be very balanced. If buying a Spey fly rod (advanced two-handed fly rod is made to take a long time), he wanted to buy a coil, which is several sizes larger than his fishing line. This is because the line a little longer than the traditional
greys fly rods  with a chance to do a better actor Spey. Spey rods and reels should be more, as a rule, or stem, long, 13-14 feet, and it takes a little more weight to balance one of them.

So, what Fly Reel for money?

Fly reels for money is one that covers all the major mentioned above, but also fits your budget. A good rule of thumb is to buy the best fly fishing reels that you can afford. Prices vary a lot, but every model made by Sage to be more than a job at a reasonable price. A person can spend as little as $ 99, or as much as $ 700. All the good spots, but the change in the quality definitely makes a difference as you go pricing. Do not worry, if this is your first purchase of a fly-coil, Sage lower end of the coil will feel as smooth as baby skin, if you only have a cheap reel to compare too.